Audio Services

Compact micro and mini cassette

Audio tape transfer services

All common audio recordings transferred to digital format incl. MP3 and CD.

  • Compact Cassette (standard audio cassette tape)
  • Mini-cassette (dictation/answering machine tapes)
  • Microcassette (dictation/answering machine tapes)
  • Sony MiniDisc
  • Most digital Dictaphone & mobile formats

Standard transfer service to CD, MP3 or uncompressed .WAV files.

Additional options include hiss reduction, basic audio enhancement to reduce background noise, separation of multi-channel recordings into individual audio files and general audio editing.

Note: We do not transfer open reel tapes or any pre-recorded copyright material.

Tape and MiniDisc to CD/MP3 transfer cost

Basic audio tape to digital transfer with basic noise/hiss reduction up to 90 mins – £11.99.
The above price includes basic overall noise/hiss reduction, encoding to CD as either CD Audio, MP3 or .wav
Editing, noise reduction, track splitting or multi-channel editing by quotation.
UK postage costs £4.00 for most single audio tape transfers.


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