Broadcast video digitising and conversion service

We provide broadcast video tape format and standards conversion services to the whole of the UK and overseas from our office in North West England. Our studio is equipped with Teranex 2D standards converters as specified by broadcasters around the globe. We can transfer analogue and digital videotape between PAL & NTSC to or from HD for inclusion in your broadcast project.Our systems deliver direct hardware conversion to ProRes with outstanding noise reduction, superb quality upscaling & output to HD-SDI ProRes HDD recorders. Frame rate and aspect ratio conversion is also possible.

Recent projects include cinema releases, television documentaries, TV news investigations and public inquiries. In addition to making ProRes files we can also make MP4 versions (web friendly) for reviewing on standard computers.

Editor friendly broadcast video files

It’s important that we make the right type of files for your project. You may simply need a direct transfer at the native PAL/NTSC tape to ProRes with no other conversion. For some projects this is fine. However, if your production requires HD content then we can make those  – either with or without aspect ratio conversion.

Teranex 2d converting broadcast video tape to digital

Format transfer, standards conversion and encoding of most legacy broadcast video tape formats including:

  • DV and DVCAM PAL or NTSC
  • HDV 1080i PAL or NTSC
  • Digital Betacam, IMX, BetacamSP & Betacam SX PAL or NTSC
  • U-matic low band, PAL,  Umatic Hi-band/SP (PAL only
  • Digitising to Apple ProRes for editing in most NLEs including Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Real-time capture and encoding to ProRes, MPEG2, H.264
  • Standards / frame rate up/down/cross conversion
  • Upscaling & NR – Teranex 2D broadcast grade hardware
  • ARC (Aspect Ratio Conversion) – all options incl. smart stretch
  • Editing of most digital files including Apple ProRes HD footage
  • Blu-ray disc encoding and authoring

From small conversion jobs to large archive projects we’re always happy to help.

Please call Gavin Gration on 0800 228 9422 or visit our contacts page.

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