New service, transfer video to dual-layer DVD

By | 1st September 2011

For around twelve years we’ve been transferring video to DVD. During all of that time we have used DVD-R discs which hold up to two hours of good quality video footage.

It is possible to fit much more footage on a DVD-R disc. A few minutes over two hours is usually OK but once you try to get nearer to three hours the quality drop is very noticeable.

Dual-layer DVDs are available which hold just under four hours of good quality video footage. We tested dual-layer DVDs when they first came out. Compatibility with DVD players wasn’t great and at the time we decided not to use them.

Recently we revisited dual-layer discs and carried out some more testing. This time around the results were much better. The discs worked well in all of our equipment including DVD players & computers.

From now on we will be offering DVD+R DL as an option. At this stage we cannot guarantee that the discs will play perfectly but we do feel confident that a reasonably modern DVD player (last 5 years) should handle the discs just fine.

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