Useful app, Dropbox

By | 30th September 2011

Video files take up quite a lot of disc space. Only very small video files can be sent via email. There are online services which allow you to upload a large file and email a link to someone. These are OK but nowhere near as useful as Dropbox.

Dropbox is an easy to use online file storage service. The free version has a 2GB limit, paid for versions have 50GB and 100GB of storage with further options available for shared access and team working.

The free version is very useful for storing and sharing small amounts of data off-site. It can also save the day when time is of the essence with some smaller video jobs.

There are opportunities to increase the storage of the free option from 2GB up to 18GB by referring others to the site via email invitation or a special link. You get an extra 500 megabytes per referral.

It’s very easy to set-up and works on most computers and smartphones. It doesn’t take long to get used to how everything works.

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