VHS-C adapter to buy online

By | 1st November 2011

VHS-C cassette adapter

VHS-C (VHS Compact) was a very popular analogue camcorder tape format. If your video camera was made by JVC or Panasonic then it’s very likely that it used 30 minute or 45 minute VHS-C cassette tapes.

An adapter was available to put the smaller VHS-C into a standard VHS video player to watch on TV. Some of the more expensive adapters were motorized.

The best adapters were the motorised units sold by Panasonic and JVC – These were powered by a single AA battery which spooled up the tape automatically. You’ll need to look on eBay (or similar) to find used ones.

Simple mechanical VHS adapters are still available via the link below – they’re ┬ábit clunky but if you can’t get one of the better made branded ones second hand then this should be OK.

Direct link to buy a VHS-C adapter here.

Are you looking for a Video 8 / Hi8 to VHS adapter? You’re not alone – to find out why you can’t buy one read “Mythical Hi8 to VHS adapter“.

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