VHS-C adapter to buy online

By | 1st November 2011

VHS-C cassette adapter

VHS-C (VHS Compact) was a very popular analogue camcorder tape format. If your video camera was made by JVC or Panasonic then it’s very likely that it used 30 minute or 45 minute VHS-C cassette tapes.

An adapter was available to put the smaller VHS-C into a standard VHS video player to watch on TV. Some of the more expensive adapters were motorized.

The best adapters were the motorised units sold by Panasonic and JVC – These were powered by a single AA battery which spooled up the tape automatically. You’ll need to look on eBay (or similar) to find used ones.

VHS adapters are still available via the link below –

Are you looking for a Video 8 / Hi8 to VHS adapter? You’re not alone – to find out why you can’t buy one read “Mythical Hi8 to VHS adapter“.

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