Quick review: Kodak PlaySport Zx5

By | 6th November 2011

The main selling points of the Kodak PlaySport Zx5 are that it’s waterproof (3m), dustproof and shockproof. We previously owned the older Zx3 which was a great pocket video camera but it desperately needed better image stabilisation. The Zx5 with it’s improved image stabiliser and slightly wider angle lens seemed like the perfect replacement.
Shot of Kodak ZX5 cameras

Zx5 the good: Reasonable HD images for the money, excellent image stabilisation and very good battery life.
Zx5 the bad: The images appear noisier than the older ZX3 even in decent light. Hatch locks for the USB port and memory card covers seize up badly after being in water. Some cameras (including ours) are prone frequently locking up requiring a hardware reset (pin hole button between USB and HDMI ports resets a locked up Zx5 camera).
Zx5 Verdict: Potentially great product spoiled by stupid faults.

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