November 2011 Update

By | 27th November 2011

November has been a very busy month for us. We’ve been involved in a number of large projects together with increased demand for our regular video services work.

University Archive Project

We are very pleased to have been selected for another large content archiving project with a leading UK university. The project involves hundreds of hours of audio and video. We expected it to be completed early in the new year.

Commercial Video Services

Manchester Video are producing a number of modular training films for the British Council. Shooting in HD started earlier this year. The short film series makes extensive use of green-screen technology and integration of existing content shot in a variety of formats from around the world. More info.

Video Forensics

CCTV evidence continues to be served in bespoke DVR formats that are rarely suitable for playback in court.

We make very clear, high quality video exhibits containing extracts and/or compilations on standard DVD Video discs.

The exhibits we produce are very well presented with a simple menu system and offer full control of playback in court. More info.

Video to DVD Service

November has been a very busy month for video tape to DVD transfers. We are coping well with the increased demand and our turnaround time for most orders remains at two to three working days. More info.

Staly Mag

We pleased to be supporting Staly Mag. The Independent Community Magazine for Stalybridge. See our half page advertisement starting in the December issue.

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