What’s new……?

By | 9th January 2012

We’re only into the second week of January but there’s lots happening already.

Our Google+ page is now live and linked up to Google Places etc. Initially it will mirror our Facebook page.¬†As the platform develops we’ll look at adding new features and content.

Last week we shot & edited a series of twenty short films and interviews for a business conference in just two working days. All twenty films were recorded and edited in HD. We made extensive use of chromakeying (green screen), corporate themed graphics and edited everything onsite using a mobile editing system.

Today we made 300 DVDs for a leading UK retailer – printed, packaged and ready to go. We also exported a series of Russian language television programmes to DVCAM tape for an international broadcaster.

There are lots of videotape to DVD conversions in progress. We’ve also extended our offer of a FREE extra DVD copy with every conversion.

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