PAL / NTSC – Video standards conversion service

By | 26th January 2012

We are experts in format and standards conversion. Whether you have questions about home video conversion, film festival submissions, commercial or broadcast projects we are always happy to provide help and advice.

Basic standards conversion

Home Video – Conversion from PAL/SECAM/NTSC to PAL or NTSC DVD

Our basic video standards conversion service is suitable for most domestic tape formats.
Conversion method: GTH ACE hardware standards converter & colour corrector.
Basic standards conversion isĀ availableĀ for home video to DVD transfers at no extra charge.

Premium standards conversion

Digital standards conversion – Up, Down & Cross Conversion

This service is suitable for film festival, commercial and broadcast video projects. Frame rate conversion is available for most analogue source tapes, DVDs, digital video tapes and video file formats including BetacamSP, BetacamSX and DV/DVCAM.

Conversion options: Hardware via Teranex 2D or in software via Grass Valley ProCoder

Up, down and cross conversion with output to most file professional formats including Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, BlackMagic, Matrox, DV AVI, H.264, MPEG2, Blu-ray and DVD. Tape export options include DV/DVCAM as either 525 (NTSC) or 625 (PAL). HD tape export to HDV 1080i50 or HDV 1080i60.

Call us on 0800 228 9422 or click here to contact us about format and standards conversion services.

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