February update

By | 22nd February 2012

Three years ago this month we moved from our office in Hyde to our current premises in Stalybridge. During that time we added all sorts of kit to expand and improve our facilities.

One thing that has become apparent is that we haven’t had the opportunity to stop and work out the best way to fit everything in. As a result we weren’t always making best use of the available workspace.

Stacks of VHS recorders on desk

Two banks of VHS decks awaiting installation during the reshuffle.

This week we are undertaking a major reshuffle in both the studio and front office. Trying to move furniture and equipment around has turned out to be almost as challenging as moving offices was back in 2009!

It’ll probably take us well into the weekend to complete all of the work. However, once it’s done we expect to see improvements in almost every area of our workflow.

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