March 2012 update

By | 19th March 2012

We are pleased to report yet another very busy month. Last week we were filming at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Later this month Simon be filming in Glasgow for a teacher-training film series. The dubbing suite has been working extra hours all month with an ongoing archive project. Once completed the footage will be used by our client (a UK university) and the British Library.

We have added another leading UK food retailer to our video forensics client list. CCTV cameras provide vital evidence of theft, slips, trips or falls and more serious incidents such as assaults on staff. Video evidence often needs to be processed to improve clarity or simply to protect the identity of innocent parties.

Our Video to DVD retail drop-off points continue to be very popular. In the next few months we’ll be looking at adding additional drop-off points in other areas. We’re still giving a FREE extra copy with every videotape to DVD transfer for just £11.99 which we believe makes our service one of the most competitive in the UK.

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