VHS tape found in garage to be screened in cinemas

By | 3rd May 2012

Black and white photo of Steve Jobs

Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires is a documentary produced in 1995. It charted the development of the personal computer industry from the early seventies through to the nineties. The film featured presenter and host Robert X. Cringely (Mark Stephens) interviewing a number of significant industry figures including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Only part of the Steve Jobs interview was included in the documentary. Seventeen years later the remainder was thought to be lost. However, recently a VHS copy of the entire one hour interview was found in the garage of series director Paul Sen. The interview provides an insight into the remarkable mind of the Steve Jobs. The VHS tape has been restored and is now scheduled for release in cinemas.

The Guardian reported that Magnolia Pictures are hoping that The Lost Interview will spark the interest of legions of admirers of the former CEO of Apple Inc and Pixar, who died in 2011.

There are millions of VHS tapes sitting in garages, lofts, cupboards and drawers. Not all of them will “spark the interest of legions” or be shown in special cinema screenings. However, a good percentage of those VHS video cassettes contain hidden memories just waiting to be seen again.

The reasons why people decide to dust off old VHS tapes and bring them (or send them) to us vary. Sometimes tapes are discovered in a house move, or an event in the family has prompted them to have the videotapes transferred to DVD. Whatever the reason for doing so it’s important to find somebody you can entrust to take good care of your home video recordings and transfer them onto a more modern, reliable format.

As a company it’s very important to us that we are open and approachable. In practical terms this means that we publish our full contact details (no PO boxes here) and offer lots of ways to get in touch – phone, text, email, Twitter, Facebook & Google+. Our aim is to always respond in a timely and appropriate manner. We try to avoid unnecessary technical jargon and offer help and advice in plain English.

When a customer does decide to put their trust in us it really matters that we do a good quality job. However, we never loose sight of the fact that the video transfer service we provide is much more than just a technical exercise. Video footage recorded even just a few years ago can be intriguing, entertaining and emotive but above all the recordings and the memories they hold really are invaluable to those who treasure them.

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