iPhone 4 video – Steven Croft Press Conference

By | 18th July 2012

Our man Simon Pendrigh took the opportunity to try out the video function on his iPhone 4 this evening at an Old Trafford (cricket ground) press conference.

The clip shows Steven Croft’s reaction to being provisionally selected to play for England in the ICC World Twenty20 later this year in Sri Lanka.

The iPhone 4 was hand held & recorded at 720P using the built-in mic. Simon sent the 103MB video file to the office via FTP using the press room WiFi at the ground.

We used Adobe Premiere CS5 to add a title, normalise the audio to -2dB and reduce excessive hiss & background noise. The footage was scaled to 128% to try and crop out some of the grey haired chap at the left side of the frame. A small amount of sharpening was applied to negate the slight softening cause by scaling the image.

The end result was encoded using Adobe Media Encoder as H.264 720P30 VBR with a target bitrate of 6Mbps (max 10Mbps) & then uploaded to YouTube.

In general the iPhone 4 video is quite reasonable for a mobile phone. The footage held up well to being scaled, cropped and re-compressed. The built-in mic produced usable audio once it had a bit of level and filtering applied.

We’ll be doing some more testing at press conferences & other events with the iPhone 4 and 4s (which offers higher quality video) using Owle grips & lens kits with a plug-in microphone.

These phones won’t replace an ENG camera but it is surprising just what you can achieve with a camera-phone if you keep the thing reasonably steady and stand close enough to the subject for the audio to be of any use.

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