We transfer SECAM VHS to DVD

By | 23rd January 2013

Samsung SV-5000W Standard converting VCR front panelDo you have home video recordings originally made in France that don’t play on UK equipment? It’s possible that your tapes were recorded on a SECAM video recorder or camcorder.


The SECAM analogue TV system has been used in various parts of the world including France. Most French VHS recorders were SECAM and some camcorders were also produced. These tapes play in black and white on standard PAL VHS players.

A multi-standard VCR is required to play and convert SECAM recordings to either PAL or NTSC (for the USA & Japan). We can copy your SECAM VHS & VHS-C camcorder tapes in colour to UK format DVD or other digital formats. We also convert Super VHS (SVHS) and U-Matic SECAM tapes to any digital format including DVD.

Video standards conversion from VHS and Super VHS tapes (full size and compact) is FREE with our regular video to DVD service.

Playback in France

The good news is that are no SECAM DVD players – The DVDs we make for you will play in British or French DVD players. If you need copies of your SECAM tapes to play the USA or Japan we can also make the DVDs in the correct format for those countries – just ask.

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