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By | 24th January 2013

It’s great to see the brand new trailer for Calloused Hands┬áby our friends at Woolfcub Productions. The story is based on the early life of the writer and director Jesse Quinones.

Jesse Quinones with Andre Royo
Calloused Hands director Jesse Quinones with Andre Royo
Image copyright: Martyna Przybysz

Interview with the Director

We caught up with Jesse earlier this month and asked him some technical questions about the production of Calloused Hands.

MV: Which camera system(s) did you settle on and why?

JQ: We shot in 4K primarily on the RED SCARLET, and then for some of the exteriors we shot on the RED ONE at 24fps. We chose the SCARLET because it’s lighter than the RED ONE, and we shot the film entirely hand held, so we felt it would just be more manageble to do that with this camera. Also it has a really nice picture quality.

MV: How was data managed for the shoot – back-ups, dailies etc?

JQ: The raw R3D files were double backed up by a DIT to two different hard drives. At the same time footage was transcoded to ProRes Lite via Final Cut Pro. Then these files were passed to the editor on location who would start the assembling of the scenes.

MV: Tell us about the platforms being used to edit & grade the pictures & produce the sound?

JQ: The offline was done on FCP and the colour grade was done on Baselight. I believe the 5.1 sound was done on Pro Tools.

MV: What’s been the biggest technical challenge & lessons learned while making Calloused Hands?

JQ: There were so many things learned. Because we knew we were going to do this in an 18 day shoot, we knew we had to work in a certain way. We imposed certain rules upon ourselves, no more than 4 set ups per scene, no more than 3 takes per set up. That way we knew when it was all said and done, we’d have a film to bring back to the UK.

Because we had no money to re-shoot anything we needed the film in the can. From a technical point of view I suppose the biggest lesson learned was to make sure you are really thorough with backing up everything and that all the departments are really in sync with the workflow.

MV: Will we see more feature films from Woolfcub?

JQ: Yes!!! – I don’t want to give too much away – we have a documentary called Shoeshine Girls that is in post production. This was funded by National Geographic, Commonwealth Broadcast Association, and Channel 4. And then I have other stuff brewing in both film and television.

Production photo Calloused Hands Movie

Production photo from Calloused Hands
Image Copyright: Martyna Przybysz

Calloused Hands is currently in the final stages of production. It looks like the Woolfcub team have done a terrific job and we’re really looking forward to watching the full movie.

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  1. Gary Greenwood

    Looks fantastic. Hope we get the chance to see the finished film.


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