Wedding Video Repaired and Recovered

By | 14th August 2013

Mouldy broken VHS tape

Mouldy & broken VHS tape

This is how Julie & Steven’s Wedding video cassette looked when they brought it into us for repair. The tape had snapped and the reels were covered in mould spores.

Mould forms on video tapes when they are left in damp conditions such as a garage or cellar. In some cases the spores can build-up to such a degree that it causes the tape to snap or become tangled on the transport mechanism of the video player.

We successfully repaired the broken tape by splicing the joint together and then ran the tape through a cleaning processed to remove the majority of the mould spores.

Despite the poor physical condition of the tape we were able to recover surprisingly good quality pictures and sound from this 25 year old tape.

All formats including camcorder tapes repaired

All videotape repairs are priced on a case-by-case basis depending on how much work is involved and whether or not we need to transfer recycled parts from donor tapes. Video cassettes were never intended to be repairable. Therefore any repair should be regarded as temporary. We strongly recommend that any repaired tape is copied onto another format such as DVD.

We will be happy to provide estimate repair costs – just give us a call on 0800 228 9422.

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