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By | 16th August 2013

Our latest Small Business Film was produced for Open Solutions International Ltd. This was their first ever web marketing video and was recorded at our green screen studio in Greater Manchester.

Planning a web video for your business

Video is used by companies in many different ways. An introductory video explains who you are and what you do. Technical videos can show information about the products you sell or provide training. Testimonial films demonstrate proof of your credibility. Whatever the content, the main purpose of any video is to increase sales and profitability for your business.

Like many businesses Open Solutions knew that video was fast becoming a mandatory part of online communication. The company provides a full service solution – they write software, supply and install the hardware to run it and provide training and support for their customers. With our help Open Solutions decided that a short introductory film would be the best option for their initial video production.

Writing the script

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Can you explain your business in 60 seconds or less? Whilst this might seem a short time it’s actually quite long when you consider that many TV commercials run for just 15 or 30 seconds. It’s important to make sure that you don’t overwhelm your viewers with “too much information” or they will switch off.

If you’re presenting a video about your own business then you may think that you don’t need a script. Some people can get by without one or perhaps just need a simple set of bullet points to help them along. Even if you are one of these people there are still significant advantages to be gained from writing and refining a concise and well timed script. It will ensure that you stay on message and help you to make certain that every word counts.

When you’ve settled on a script or even a rough draft, send it to us. We’re experienced enough to know what will and won’t work in front of the camera an will be happy to share our opinions and ideas with you.

Filming at your premises or in our studio

Filming in a studio gives the film-maker a great deal of control over lighting and sound. Using a green screen (chroma-key) backdrop means that we can change the appearance of the background during editing. We can also move the presenter around or resize them in the frame to allow text. logos or photographs to be shown alongside, in front or behind.

Shooting on location can be preferable or necessary. Make sure that the staff involved know what’s going on and seek advanced permission from anyone who may end up in your video. Recording clear sound such as a piece to camera in a noisy environment is more challenging on site than in a studio. Delivery vehicles, fork lifts, telephones ringing etc are all bad news when it comes to recording speech. If possible try to arrange filming on a quite day or make arrangements to try and minimise interruptions. It really does help to keep the work flowing and keep everyone calm.

Lighting is another key consideration – available light can change by the minute so we tend to use additional mains powered lighting to bring out the best in our subjects. Our modern lighting units use low energy fluorescent fittings with much less heat output than older tungsten lamps. We also have portable battery powered LED lighting for use where mains lighting is unavailable or impractical.

We usually film with at least two video cameras – one close and one wider. We can cut between these in the edit. This also helps presenters who find it easier to deliver their lines in bite-sized chunks as we can join up the different sections at the editing stage by switching between the two camera angles.┬áDon’t worry if you can’t remember your script. Technology is on hand in the form of a Teleprompter mounted on the front of the camera.

Editing and online proofing

Once your video has been edited we will upload a draft or proof copy to a secure preview site. The proof video will have an onscreen counter (timecode) for accurate reference should you need any amendments.

When the edit is approved a final version will be uploaded with password controlled access. Either you or your web designer can download the original HD version of the video. It’s a standard H.264 1080P video file that can be uploaded to an online video service such as YouTube or Vimeo.

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