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By | 18th November 2013

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’re interested in getting better search engine position results for your local business. You’ve probably heard from people like me that search engines love video, web video is the best thing since sliced bread and that video should be an integral part of any Local SEO strategy but is it really that good?

As a business owner or a decision maker in a company tasked with looking after online marketing it’s quite right that you should do some research before you spend any money. In this blog post I’m hoping to demonstrate to you that our web marketing videos are a worthwhile investment for many different types of local businesses.

Note – This post was written in 2013. Google has made several changes to it’s search algorithm since then. Also bare in mind that fresh content yields a higher position in search so results for specific content can and do drop down over time. Hence, some but not all the videos featured are now on page two instead of page one.

Video for Local SEO – Will it last?

There are a few points of note that you should take into account. It’s possible that Google (or Bing or Yahoo) could move the goal posts at any time. They could pull the plug tomorrow and none of this will work. However, we believe that the major search engines will continue to rank relevant video results in search but the better quality content will be recognised and consequently rewarded with a higher ranking.

The second thing is that we’re talking specifically about search with local intent and/or niche areas of business. A place name modifies a search term dramatically because it can significantly narrow the results down. The location of the searcher, the type of device they are using and often their “personal profile” will be taken into account as well as the search term(s) they enter. If you’re in Ashton-under-Lyne and search for a plumber in Ashton you don’t want a firm from Ashton-in-Makerfield. The search engines know this and with luck you should only see the most relevant results for your area. Likewise if you search for something a bit unusual then there will be fewer results returned. Hence niche businesses and specialists will also benefit from a potential SEO boost.

We’re aiming for a narrower set of results by using a place name. We also know that search engines consider relevant videos to be useful and will often give preference to properly indexed and optimised videos.

To simplify the process (and add a bit of novelty) we’ve used “Let Me Google That For You” (LMGTFY) to illustrate some examples of how videos we’ve made are being listed by Google. If you prefer you can make a note of the search terms and type them directly into Google. Although we optimised each video for specific search terms shown in LMGTFY they can also show up for different search phrases with similar intent. We encourage you to try rewording any of the search terms to something that you might type in yourself.

Does video work for Local SEO? You decide.

The YouTube video shown above was shot, edited and uploaded to the internet with the specific intent of improving our own search result position for “video production Stockport”.

On September 25th 2013 we uploaded the video to three different online video hosting platforms. We added descriptions, keywords and optimised the title name with some variations on the different sites. We also uploaded the video to our Facebook Page.

Click here to see how we got on.

Did you know that there’s a shop in Macclesfield offering a knife sharpening service? We do and the man who runs it is called David.

Click here to find a knife sharpening service in Macclesfield.

Who can you trust to supply authentic Oasis memorabilia? There’s a nice bloke we filmed called Rob. He wears funky outfits, sings and plays the guitar.

You know the drill. Here’s the link.

We can’t promise to get your company on page one of Google but we can absolutely guarantee that our Small Business Films will improve your online presence especially in terms of Local SEO and niche business areas. Interested? Call Gavin Gration or Simon Pendrigh on 0800 228 9422.

Did our Video SEO experiment work for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below or drop us a line via the contact us button.

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