Integrating legacy video content into HD productions

By | 5th December 2013

Betacam SP (BetaSP) was launched by Sony in 1986. It became the dominant acquisition and post production format in large areas of broadcast television and corporate video production. If you’re working on a project today which includes footage from the last three decades there’s a good chance it may have been shot or edited on Betacam SP.

We digitise via Teranex broadcast grade hardware processors from legacy video tape formats including Betacam SP to SSD or HDD with a range of CODEC options which are compatible with most editing systems including Avid, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

betacam sp tape close up

We can liaise with your editor and work with batch lists to ensure that the exact content you need (with handles) is captured to exactly the right type of video file for your project. Online previewing is available to help producers with the selection process.

Our facilities also include transfer from Betacam SX, all varieties of U-matic, DVCAM and most domestic video tape formats.

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