Vimeo log-in failing after password change

By | 5th December 2013

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Blame Adobe

Earlier this week we received the following in an email from Vimeo concerning a cyberattack against Adobe which affected millions of users.

“Vimeo was not compromised by this security breach. However, our records show that your email address (xxxx@xxxxx) is among those included in the documents that were released publicly.

Since many people use the same password for multiple websites, we have taken the precautionary measure of logging out your current Vimeo sessions.

You must reset your password in order to regain access to your Vimeo account.”

We’re not signed up to Adobe Creative Cloud but it seems that since we are registered Adobe users our email address and password was included in the hacked data. We couldn’t use our Vimeo account unless we changed the password. Fair play to Vimeo for their diligence.

Blame Vimeo

We changed the account password a couple of days ago and have been updating various computers as we go along. However, today we fired up our Apple TV to preview a job on Vimeo to be greeted with the helpful message, “401 Unauthorized – Permission Denied – The oauth_token passed was either not valid or has expired”.

It struck us that this could be related to the recent password change so we entered the new one fully expecting it to let us login. Err…nope…not gonna happen. Fearing that we may be suffering from a “brain fart” we double checked the password was correct with a laptop.

The Apple TV Vimeo app was broken.

Blame Apple

Next we tried the silver bullet of the IT tech support world – Turning it off…and then back on again. Our confidence in this sure-fire solution was short lived. The reboot did nothing to help.

Drastic measures were needed. A full factory reset was the only hope. Apple TV boxes are fairly simple devices but due to the remote unit ,which manages to be perfect & the devil’s work all at the same time, they are a pain in the neck to set up following a reset.

Our unit is hardwired via Ethernet so no need to faff around with WiFi settings. However, it was still a bit of a chore entering the Apple ID info, then turning on Airplay & home sharing etc.

Once we’d done all that we successfully managed to login to Vimeo. But then we had to get YouTube working.

Blame Google

A few months ago we wrote a short article about YouTube login failing on Apple TV. The good news is that all the info is still valid. After a factory reset you will need to generate a new application specific password to access YouTube on your Apple TV.

Blame Hackers

It took us around 10 minutes to work out what was wrong and complete the process of getting everything back to normal. We’re pleased that Vimeo took the initiative following the security breach at Adobe. We’re not too happy that their Apple TV app is slightly broken but Vimeo is a great service and I’m sure they’ll fix the problem in due course.

Adobe aren’t the first large company to suffer at the hands of hackers. Sony got hacked not too long ago and lost loads of user data which caused all sorts of panic and press hysteria. More and more of the services we use every day need usernames or email addresses and passwords. While we can set our passwords with a healthy mixture of uppercase, lowercase, digits and the like it won’t completely protect us when the people entrusted with our data get hacked.

Security experts will tell you to have completely different passwords for each and every site but we think it’s more practical and almost as effective to adopt a simple strategy OF YOUR OWN that YOU CAN EASILY REMEMBER perhaps relating to the site in question. For example – If the website is “” then maybe you could have Myr4nd0mp4ssw0rd#aoeo < aoeo at the end being the vowels from the word Adobe. Just a thought.

Note: Make your own strategy…..don’t nick that secret password – it’s ours…… (just kidding).

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