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By | 30th January 2014

camerman in fork lift

DMC Distribution wanted a promotional video for their new website. The aim of the video was to show prospective customers the company’s warehousing and fulfilment operation from start to finish over a working day.

Following a pre-production meeting a simple storyboard was created to help visualise DMC’s ideas in advance. We took the storyboard and used it to create a shot-list for the day of filming. It was also decided that the video was best suited to a professional voice-over for which a script would need to be written.

Proper planning for a corporate video with a storyboard can:

  • Help you to see and shape your ideas prior to filming
  • Plan ahead to ensure an efficient and safe shoot
  • Reduce the amount of time required for filming and editing
  • Avoid re-shooting costs due to oversights or omissions

A storyboard doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Drawing stick-men in boxes is very effective at describing a scene. Notes alongside each scene provide additional information such as the location, specific members of staff or products in the picture etc.

All of video footage plus still photographs for DMC’s website had to be taken in a single visit. To this end we travelled light using a small camera, shoulder brace and on-camera light. With fast set-up times we were able to respond quickly to the demands of the schedule and keeping the effects of our presence on the working environment to a minimum.

The shot list together with the storyboard helped us to work methodically through the various scenes. However, we also filmed plenty of reverse angles, low angles and close-ups etc which would provide us with a wide variety of shots and cutaways for use in the editing stage.

The only location audio required was a sound-bite in a piece to camera from a DMC customer therefore we only needed to find one quiet area on-site to record that section.

Good pre-production planning ensured that editing was very straightforward. We were able to turn the completed job around on time and on budget with client approval in just a few days. If you’re looking for a business video in the North West then do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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