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By | 20th February 2014

Man featured in conference video

Business Video Production – Conference address filming

Diary clashes, time commitment and holidays are just some of the reasons why an invited guest might not be able to attend a business conference or other presentation. Conference address videos give the both the guest and organisers an opportunity to ensure the event attendees don’t miss out.

Looking good – feeling good

If your delegates can see and hear a conference address video clearly then they will be much more receptive to the messages it contains. Distractions caused by poor video or sound quality will be noticed. It’s therefore vitally important to ensure that the film is produced to a high standard to keep the viewers engaged with the subject.

A conference video which is positively received will be remembered, reported and commented on by those present at the event. They may not even mention that the speaker wasn’t actually present.

Twitter post with photo

Conference organisers have the option to make the video available on their website, in press releases and on their social media outlets further increasing the value of the content.

Getting the branding right

We can integrate corporate branding from the event, the sponsors or the organisation represented in the video. The extract above shows how we filmed Jonathan Reynolds MP presenting a video which opened the 2013 RetroFit Summit.

The recording took place in our studio. Graphics and logos supplied by the event organisers were added together with a white background. By incorporating the official artwork into the edited video we were able to reflect the correct brand image for our client.

A film like this is just one of the ways we deliver rich and interesting content for conferences and business events. To find out more call Gavin or Simon on 0800 228 9422 or fill in the enquiry form on the right.

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