Social Media Video to DVD Service

By | 8th April 2014

Video album screen grab from Facebook

Manchester Video transfer video from any tape or digital source including social media websites to DVD, Blu-ray disc or edit friendly video files for Mac or PC.

We’re increasingly being asked if we can help copy videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Whatsapp and similar services. Provided we can access the video and play it then we can transfer it to a format of your choice.

In general this service has been requested to help prepare DVDs for celebrations or as a gift. We can copy video from:

  • Most home video tapes including camcorder cassettes
  • Mobile phone videos including iPad and Android tablets
  • Digital cameras, memory cards and USB sticks
  • Hard drives from Windows or Mac computers
  • Social Media Video including Facebook & YouTube

It’s important to note that upright videos (portrait) will have borders at the sides – When we’re editing the video we can pad these out with a background image or leave them plain if you prefer. The quality of online video does vary. We’ll do our best to acquire the best available quality possible.

We take care of all necessary frame rate conversion. We’ll also scale your video to best fit a TV screen (for DVD or Blu-ray). If you’ve accidentally filmed the video the wrong way up don’t worry – we’ll rotate it so that everything is the right way up during the edit.

Video compilations for celebrations can include video from any combination of tape, digital file or website video. We also incorporate still images from digital files, mounted 35mm slides or prints.

For more information about this or any of our other services please complete the feedback form on our contacts page or call us on 0800 228 9422. We look forward to hearing from you.

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