Short Promo Video for a B2C Service

By | 11th April 2014

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We made a simple one minute, text and voice only video to promote our home video transfer service. The running time is 63 seconds including a 5 second hold on our contact details at the end.

The video consists of a voice-over, eight key messages and a call to action.

The eight key messages we wanted to convey were:

  1. Describe the name of the service we provide
  2. Explain the range of tape formats covered by the service
  3. State that we are experienced and know what we’re doing
  4. Inform viewers that we will take good care of their videos
  5. Advise that visitors are welcome to call into the office
  6. Explain that we also offer a postal service
  7. Tell customers how long the job will take
  8. Offer an express option and bulk order pricing

The call to action was a simple invitation to contact us.

In just over over a minute we’ve addressed some of the most common questions people have when they’re looking for this specific service. We’ve been able to convey some of the finer points of that service in a clear and concise way. Finally we invited the viewer to make contact with us and told them exactly how they can do that.

Transcript provides subtitles and SEO juice

Subtitles or ‘closed captions’ can be switched on when watching a video on YouTube. Closed captions can allow some hearing impaired viewers to follow the dialogue of your video. It’s also beneficial for anyone who may be watching on a computer with no speakers such as in a workplace.

YouTube provide an automated closed caption service based on a computer interpretation of what’s being said. It’s a great idea but right now it isn’t very accurate. You can upload a plain text file containing your actual script or a manual transcript of the dialogue directly to the video management section of your YouTube account. An automated system then works out the timing of when each caption appears on screen. You can easily tweak the timing if necessary.

YouTube screenshot of subtitles

The transcript file is also indexed by YouTube which improves their understanding of exactly what the video is about. This information, together with the video title, keyword tags and description provides additional data to improve the search engine visibility of the video.

Quick, effective and affordable

Text and graphics only videos with music or a voice-over can be put together very quickly and are one of the most cost effective ways of creating rich and engaging content. Video allows your existing and potential customers to get the information they need about a product or service in a convenient way. People like and appreciate having things explained to them. The additional SEO benefits of video marketing make it much more likely for your message to be found, seen and heard. To find out more call us on 0800 228 9422.

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