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By | 27th September 2014

Old VHS corporate video

How do you determine the optimal running time for your business videos? In this article we’ll look at shorter TV-ad style web videos. It’s surprising just how much information video can convey in under a minute. It really is one of the most cost effective online marketing tools and once uploaded to your website it can work for your business 24/7.

Less is more – unless you need more

Our Small Business Films aren’t just for small businesses. They are ‘small films’ for any size of business. Unless you have an incredibly interesting subject matter, a star presenter or you’re deploying online training or infomercials then you need to keep your web videos short and sweet.

We’ve used the strapline ‘Your Business in 60 Seconds or Less’ for some of our own promotions. Quite often that’s enough time to deliver a specific message about a company, product or service.  However, the best duration for a marketing video is just long enough to deliver your key message or messages and invite a call to action from the viewer. If it only takes thirty seconds to show, tell and sell your product or service then that’s the perfect duration. Padding it out to two or three minutes is more likely to lose viewers.

On the other hand if it takes three full minutes to explain a particular product or service properly without being boring then that’s the best duration for that subject.

There’s no point filling out half a dozen sheets of A4 with lots of stuff you want to mention in a one or two minute video. If you genuinely have lots and lots of things to talk about then consider splitting it up into bite size chunks covering specific aspects. Four two minute videos which hold the viewers’ interest are a much better proposition than an eight minute film which is only partly of interest to them. If those four videos are optimised for search properly then you gain at least a four fold advantage in SEO opportunities.

Simple three point plan

Use bullet points to help set out the ideas for your video. The most simple format is a three point plan:

  • Introduction –  Introduce your business or the problem your business solves
  • Sell – Show and explain your idea – stick to one product or service for short promos
  • Call to action – Tell the viewer what to do next

Whilst you may be proud that your widget took three years to develop and weighs less than half a kilo your viewers might be much more interested in seeing that it’s easy to use and does a good job. Therefore you really need to focus on your potential customer’s point of view. Adopting this approach will keep your content ‘on message’, improve viewer retention and convert viewers into customers.

Be direct with your call to action – instruct the viewer e.g. ‘call now and book your place today’. Telling people exactly what you want them to do might seem a bit presumptuous but advertisers have used this method in print, radio and TV for decades because it works.

More, more, more…..

Not every subject can be covered in a minute or two. There are lots of good reasons why you might need much longer duration videos. We shoot everything from 30 second ads through to live coverage of conferences over several days.  We’ll be happy to discuss your business video requirements. Call Gavin or Simon on 0800 228 9422 or 07930 431 662. If we don’t answer then we’re probably filming – send a text or fill out the contact form on this website.

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