Disc duplication and video transfer update

By | 21st October 2014

Printed DVD with cases and inserts

Christmas Rush started mid-October

We’re very pleased to have made another batch of Hardy Reels DVDs for Brian Taylor. This double disc set is a special interest video about fishing reels. We originally transferred the footage from five Betacam SP tapes three years ago making both PAL and NTSC DVD masters. The discs are bought by enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world. You can order your copies via the The Existential Angler website.

This month has seen a large increase in video to DVD transfer orders compared to the same month last year. This is great news and we hope it continues. If you are planning to have family videos copied to DVD in time for Christmas 2014 then we recommend sending or bringing your tapes to us in plenty of time. Right now our turnaround time for small orders is 7 working days. If you have ten or more tapes then please call us for a estimated time frame for conversion.

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