How to download an original file from Vimeo

By | 3rd January 2015

We make extensive use of Vimeo to show password protected previews of work in progress. Once your final edit has been approved you can download the master file from Vimeo. This can then be uploaded to your own server or online video host.

In order to download the best ‘original quality’ file you will need to complete the following steps:

Step 1 – Create a free Vimeo account

Go to and sign up for a free account. Vimeo is a trustworthy platform and they don’t make a habit of sending spam. Whilst logged into your Vimeo account complete step 2.

Step 2 – Follow the link to your video(s)

We will send you either a link and password to an individual video or a portfolio page containing all your videos. Click the link and enter the password.

Step 3 – Click the download button

You should see a download button under the description of your video. If you have a series of videos in a portfolio page then click a video to see the download option below it. Once you have clicked the download button you’ll see several quality options.┬áPlease note that the ‘Original’ option may not be available for some longer films with a file size greater than 2GB. You’ll still be able to download a HD 1080p version from Vimeo but not the original source file.

Step 4 – Click ‘Original’

Vimeo Download Original

Note: You must be logged into your own Vimeo account to see the ‘Original’ option. If you’re not logged in then you will not see it. In the example above you can see that the original file is 231MB in size. The 1080p option is a recompressed lower quality version created by Vimeo – hence it’s less than a quarter of the Original file size.

Downloading your video and what to do next

You should be aware that videos file sizes can be very large and may take a considerable time to download. Once downloaded then you’ll need to upload it to your choice of video host such as YouTube. Upload times can be significantly longer than download times.

If you have limited broadband speed or need advice on what to do with the video files then speak to us. If you prefer not to get involved in the nuts and bolts of downloading and uploading videos yourself then we can look after the entire upload and optimisation process on your behalf. We can also send your video files to you on a DVD-ROM or USB stick on request.

2 thoughts on “How to download an original file from Vimeo

  1. Martijn

    Except you don’t need an account.

    And, account or no account, this one won’t work:

    1. Gavin Gration Post author

      Hi Martijn,

      Thanks for your comment. I had a quick look at your linked video.

      When logged in to our Vimeo account we can see the 2.9gb “Download Original” option.
      When NOT logged in we cannot see that option. The largest file we can download is the 1.29gb 1080p version.

      This is with a Vimeo Pro account – I would expect the free (registered) and Plus accounts to also work but cannot check those.


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