Sony MiniDisc to CD and MP3 Service

By | 13th March 2015

Sony launched their MiniDisc audio recording format in late 1992. It continued to be produced and sold until being phased out in 2013. Players and recorders were made as portable ‘Walkman’ type units, HiFi separates and commercial studio and field recording decks. The standard discs held up to 80 minutes of good quality stereo audio. Other manufacturers including Marantz licensed the technology from Sony and made their own MiniDisc players and recorders.

MiniDisc with audio CD

MiniDiscs were capable of making very good quality recordings and were used as a higher quality alternative to tape. Portable players could be much smaller than a cassette or CD walkman. They had built-in skip protection, could display track information and allow easy track skipping. As a recording device the portability meant they were much more flexible than hardware CD Audio recorders. They were also significantly cheaper than professional DAT recorders. You had the option to delete tracks and add new ones without wiping the whole disc.

We can transfer standard recordings from standard MiniDiscs onto an audio CD or a digital file format such as .wav or MP3. There were a couple of variations later in the life of the MiniDisc format – we only support the standard discs. If you’re not sure what type of discs you have we’ll be happy to advise you.

Pricing information is on our audio transfer page.

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