Video Production News Update May 2015

By | 14th May 2015

Here’s a round-up of some of the more interesting jobs we’ve done in the last few months. We’ve been webcasting live events, downgrading footage, experimenting with iPads and doing a same day shoot and edit corporate video!

Webcasting student presentations

vision mixer operator manchester

In April we made the short journey up the M6 to provide live multi-camera coverage of a series of presentations by students and guest speakers at Lancaster University Management School. We used three Sony HD cameras for coverage inside the lecture theatre plus we had an incoming feed from live¬†interactive sessions with¬†remote presenters via Cisco WebEx. Our vision mixer output was streamed live in HD to viewers around the world using the university’s own streaming server.

Reverse video enhancement

We’re often asked if we can make old video tapes look better when converting them to digital formats. However, we were taken by surprise recently when a client asked if we could make their modern HD footage look like it was recorded on an old VHS camera complete with grain and drop-out.

Teranex 2d converting analogue tape to digital

We took the HD source files and played them out of our edit system onto a used VHS tape. We then manually creased and twisted the tape at various points to cause distortion and instability in the image. This tape was then copied to a second VHS recorder using a composite analogue connection. We then re-captured the second generation VHS footage back into our edit system (in SD) and upscaled it back to HD.

iPad video filming and editing

Cricketers celebrating

(c) 2015 Simon Pendrigh

The 2015 cricket season is now well under way. Our man Simon is the club photographer at Lancashire County Cricket Club. Simon also supplies his images to the press throughout the games. News sites are demanding video content to attract and retain visitors. We needed to find a solution that would enable Simon to shoot decent quality footage quickly and easily without taking up too much room alongside his photography gear.

We’ve used iPhones for filming news articles for some time and have been surprised at the results. Editing on the iPhone is possible but the small screen makes the task a little challenging. This year we decided to try an iPad Air with a flexible mounting kit to allow us to place it on a desk or attach it to a tripod. The bigger screen is useful for framing and makes trimming/editing clips a lot easier in Apple’s iMovie app. We’ve just taken delivery of an external mic adapter which will improve the audio quality.

The clip above was shot and trimmed on the iPad but finished in Premiere Pro (titles added, levels adjusted) before uploading to YouTube. Would you guess it was shot on an iPad?

Business video for a trade show stand

EBS asked us to shoot a promotional film to screen at a trade show in mainland Europe. The brief was to cover everything from their sales team through to dispatch in a concise and effective way. The deadline was very tight – we shot and edited the entire video on site in one day. We used a mixture of HD cameras including a full size broadcast video camera, a digital SLR and a minicam for some of the warehouse shots.

There was no requirement for audio because on a trade stand you wouldn’t hear it anyway. Instead we used clear, brief descriptions of each department. The film showing on their stand provided visually interesting content to create interest and attract attention of the attendees.

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