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By | 22nd February 2016

MP4 to Cloud Storage

We’re now providing video downloads for video to MP4 conversions. We have several different options depending on the file size and preview requirements. By default we will only upload encrypted files but you can ask for unencrypted files which then allow an online preview on some Google Drive and Dropbox.

Most large files will be uploaded to and shared via Google Drive. Google Drive works best if you already have a Google account or an email address associated with a Google account such as Gmail.

During the initial trial period we will be making tweaks and changes to the process so this page will be updated as we learn from user feedback and experience.

Other File Sharing Options

Dropbox also offers a preview and download option. If you are an existing Dropbox user then you will see other options to add the file to your own account. Our advice is to select the direct download option as our shared files are time limited and may disappear from your account.

WeTransfer doesn’t offer previews but is useful for some corporate networks where Dropbox or Google Drive links may be blocked. There are some other limitations but it does work well for simple file sharing.

We’ve used all the above services commercially for some time. We are conscious that some people prefer to avoid any online options and that others may have a preferred sharing service.

The services all differ slightly in how they work so for a trial period we’re going to run all three to gauge what works best for home video downloads. The downloads are an option in addition to us supplying physical media on USB or a data disc.

Digital Download F.A.Q.s

Q. Who has access my file?
A. If you have an email address linked to a Google Account then we can share a private link to that email address. If you do not have a Google Account then you a non-private link can be shared. Non-private means anyone with the specific link can access and download the file. It’s not published or available in search engines.

Q. How long will my video be available for?
A. Normally at least 14 days or until you confirm that you have downloaded the file (whichever is soonest).

Q. If I download the video from the link what kind of file will it be?
A. By default we will upload a password encrypted MP4 file in a .zip archive. We will give you a password to unzip the file. You will need to do this on either a Mac or Windows computer.

Q. How big will the download be?
A. Standard definition video files are encoded at around 1.4GB per hour. If your video is 2hrs long the download will be an encrypted file of around 3GB. You will then need a further 3GB of free drive space to decrypt the file.

Q. Can the uploaded video be previewed online?
A. Yes but only if we don’t encrypt the uploaded video file. You will need to specifically request this option and accept responsibility for your unencrypted data.

Q. Can I download the file on my tablet or mobile phone?
A. Yes but it’s not ideal and you possibly won’t be able to decrypt and view it. File management on tablets, especially iPads is quite poor so even if you did manage to download the file you may not necessarily be able to find it or play it. Un-encrypted files can be previewed with a tablet but downloads are best done on a computer then transferred locally to your tablet.

Q. Can I ask for the link to be disabled once I have downloaded it?
A. Yes we can disable links on request. i.e. You must ask us to disable the link it’s not automatic.

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