Facebook Live not working? Try a different browser

By | 5th June 2016

Facebook Live is a video streaming service introduced in spring 2016. You can stream from a computer to a Facebook Page but there are some limitations and in our case a problem with Chrome browser on either Windows or Mac.

Once you’ve set up a stream you are give a URL and a Stream Key to enter into your web streaming software. These do work but if you’re using Google Chrome to preview the Stream then it may not display at all.

If you’re unable to get the preview working in Chrome then switch to an alternative browser – Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari. Note – You will need to start over and generate a new URL and Stream Key.

At present Facebook stipulates that your Stream should be 1280 x 720 at 30fps with the video data rate at 2.5mbps maximum. Whilst they don’t mention audio we know that 190kbps is the preset within Wirecast 6 which has a fully integrated Facebook Live API.

Streaming duration is limited to 90 minutes per session. If you’re streaming and reach 90 minutes the stream will automatically stop at the Facebook end. You can restart a new stream straight away but you will need to generate a fresh Stream Key. We find it takes a few seconds for things to initialise so once you’ve generated a key give around 10 seconds before hitting the start button on your streaming software.

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