Damaged Camcorder Tape Repair and Recovery Service

By | 28th October 2016

Video cassettes contain many moving parts and can be very fragile if mishandled or used in a faulty video recorder or camcorder. One of the most common faults is caused when the tape fails to load or unload properly resulting in a crumpled or snapped tape. The damaged section may need to be removed and the tape spliced together.

Shows a faulty video cassette tape

We have seen a few tapes over the years with some unusual faults. In the example above the record protect tab of a VHS-C camcorder tape had become dislodged from its proper position in the cassette casing and was trapped inside to tape on the spools. We stripped down the cassette and manually wound the spools to release the green plastic tab. Once rebuilt we were able to transfer the tape onto an MP4 USB stick.

If have a damage or faulty video tape then we may be able to help repair and recover the contents onto a digital file format or copy it DVD for you.

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