F.A.Q. Video to USB – Can I copy or edit my files?

By | 8th January 2017

Shows USB stick in a Smart TV

DVDs were never intended to be edited and to do so required some specialist software to get the footage from the disc to a computer in a suitable format for editing. Backing up DVDs was also a little tricky if you didn’t have the right software. The USB sticks we make for most video transfers contain MP4 video files which are much easier to work with than DVDs were.

Backing Up MP4 Video Files

It’s very important to make backup copies of your home video files. USB sticks are fairly robust but can become corrupted or damaged so you really need to make at least one, preferably two backup copies of your files. Good practice is to keep one or more of the backup copies off-site i.e. In a different location. There are many online storage services offering free (limited) or very low cost file storage options.

The good news is that it’s very easy to make backup copies of your video files onto a computer hard drive, another USB device or upload them to an online storage or viewing format. Simply copy the file(s) from the source USB stick and paste them to the destination. ¬†Transfer speeds vary depending on the size of the file and the speed of the USB device and computer being used. A typical home video tape of around an hour might take about 5 minutes to copy from a USB stick to your computer hard drive.

Editing Your MP4 Video Files

The great thing about MP4 files is that they are currently the most universally compatible digital video file type in existence. You should expect them to work in almost all SmartTVs, computers and portable devices including iPads, iPhones and Android etc. Likewise, all current video editing software on computers and some mobile video editing apps will edit MP4 files.

In summary you can and should make backup copies of your files. It’s as easy as copying and pasting any other file. The files we make for you work in pretty much all devices and can be edited.

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