Sony MiniDisc – No Audio – Plays Silent

By | 10th September 2017

Sony MiniDiscs were a robust and reliable digital audio recording format. However, some recordings were not fully compatible with all MiniDisc players resulting in silence when played back. The track listing information shows up, the counter runs but there is no audio. Here’s why.

Red Sony MiniDisc with remote control

The original MiniDisc format was launched by Sony in 1992. It could initially record 74 minutes of stereo digital audio on a disc. A few years later 80 minute discs were made available. However, in 2000 Sony released MDLP which stood for MiniDisc Long Play. This was an extension of the MiniDisc format using compression to increase the recording time available on a MiniDisc.

MiniDisc player by Sony

The MZ-R55 Walkman player shown above pre-dates the MDLP format extension.¬†MDLP mode discs play as silent in early non-MDLP MiniDisc players. The track information and counter shows but the disc plays no audio. If you’re having problems playing a MiniDisc it could be worth checking that the player you’re using is compatible with MDLP.

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