Live Streaming Conferences to Multiple Online Platforms

By | 28th May 2018

Laptops live streaming video

This weekend we’re broadcasting live video from a Christian conference to 5 different streaming destinations. The live feed goes to 1 YouTube channel, 3 Facebook Pages with another sent to Vimeo Live. The Vimeo Live feed is also embedded in the client’s website. Multicasting to different platforms can be a key element to reaching more online viewers. Mobile is currently outpacing desktop with SmartTVs and devices like Google Chromecast and Apple TV steadily climbing in viewership. Providing additional ways to watch makes your content more accessible and convenient for viewers.

5 ways viewers can access your Live Streamed events –

  1. Mobile phone on 4G or WiFi
  2. Tablet device in 4G or WiFi
  3. Desktop Computer or Laptop
  4. SmartTV via home Internet
  5. TV Web devices – Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku etc

We can also help you deliver private, password protected live video feeds for commercially sensitive conferences and events.

To learn more and discuss webcasting your live events please call us for a chat on 0800 228 9422 or email us directly.

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