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By | 29th August 2018

Video conferencing systems not new in business for smaller meetings. However, modern computer based conferencing software, fast Internet connectivity together with a professional sound and vision crew can now deliver a high quality, fully interactive experience.

One of our clients is an international organisation who have locations all around the world, including their head office which is based in Colorado (USA). The client requested a live link between two of their campus’ in order to enable their USA-based host to address a live audience in the UK. It was vital that both locations could see and hear one another in real-time, with minimal delay in the two-way communication.  

We provided a real-time point-to-point live video and sound link between the two continents enabling the conference host in the USA to remotely address the live audience here in the UK. The host was able to interact with members of the audience and local hosts here as if they were all in the same room.

Livecast video conference benefits include –

  • Live two-way interaction between global locations
  • Conferences can be private, secure (in-house) or broadcast online to a wider audience
  • Additional guest speakers may join remotely from other locations
  • More opportunities to reach more live audiences around the world more often
  • Elimination of international travelling time and travel costs
  • Recorded content to be archived and re-purposed e.g. for digital marketing


At the UK end we had a 4 camera setup. 2 cameras filmed the UK hosts and guests on stage (close shot and wide shot) alongside 2 more cameras on stage recording the audience interaction.

The USA end (feed seen bottom right) had a single camera feed from the host at their Colorado campus.

The feed from the USA was projected onto screens and stage monitors here in the UK. The host in the USA could see and hear the live feed from the UK cameras on a local monitor below his camera. We also had a secondary back-channel communication between the technicians at both locations to ensure the production ran smoothly.

This innovative use of live video enabled a fully interactive experience between the two locations. The benefit of hosting a “virtual conference” saved valuable time and travel expenses. Although this event was a private, secure link between locations, it would have been possible to also broadcast the Web-cast online including social media platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live. All recordings are archived locally allowing a very high quality copy of the entire event to be retained and re-purposed if required.

More conferences hosted using this method will enable our client to personally reach and interact with more people across the globe than ever before. Get in touch with Manchester Video to find out how we can help you to make better use of live video in your organisation.

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