FAQ – Why do some video tapes play too quickly?

VHS video tapes were available in various lengths with the most common recording duration being 180 minutes.  In early machines a standard play mode ‘VHS SP’ a 180 minute VHS tape could record for 3 hours. Later on Long Play mode ‘VHS LP’ was introduced. This doubled the available recording time stated on the tape… Read More »

Sony MiniDisc – No Audio – Plays Silent

Sony MiniDiscs were a robust and reliable digital audio recording format. However, some recordings were not fully compatible with all MiniDisc players resulting in silence when played back. The track listing information shows up, the counter runs but there is no audio. Here’s why. The original MiniDisc format was launched by Sony in 1992. It… Read More »

Tech Post – What are IFO files, VOB sets and VIDEO_TS?

DVD Video discs usually contain a couple of folders and several files with cryptic sounding names like Video_TS.IFO or VTS01_0.VOB. This combination of folders and files makes what’s commonly known as a VOB set. DVD players (hardware or software) need almost all of the files to be able to read and play a DVD Video… Read More »

Tech Post – XDCAM native playback in Windows 10 – Free Plug-in

XDCAM is a broadcast CODEC based (mostly) on MPEG2. Playing back these files usually requires either professional editing software or Sony’s own bespoke software solution but there are now two free options to enable playback in Windows. The Sony professional software is very good & has extensive options for media management and some file conversion.… Read More »

Tech post – Why 1080p might actually be 1080i

Some 1080p devices such as camcorders might not send true 1080p signals via HDMI or HD-SDI. Instead they could send a 1080i signal containing progressive scan images. This is called 1080PsF (progressive segmented frame) but may not be labelled as such. The reason for using this method of delivering progressive scan images is to maintain… Read More »

Tech post – Is HDV 1440 x 1080i or 1920 x 1080i?

HDV is a compression system designed to record high definition digital video and audio onto standard MiniDV tapes. A 720p variant (HDV 1) was employed by JVC with the HD101 camcorder. The most common type of HDV was 1080i (HDV type 2) favoured by Sony.  Most notably the best selling HVR-Z1. Later in the life… Read More »

Top 5 reasons why DIY digital video conversion can look bad

There are lots of cheap DIY digital video conversion kits available online and in stores. The units themselves tend to be USB2.0 and contain a dedicated analogue to digital converter circuit. The bundled software is usually quite limited and main not include everything you need to make good quality files. The marketing material suggests the… Read More »

New phone number 0800 228 9422

Our new freephone number is 0800 228 9422. The number is free to call from UK landlines and mobiles. You can still reach us on the duty mobile number which is 07930 431 662 – we can take voice calls, WhatsApp and text messages. If you are overseas call +44 7930 431 662. The office… Read More »

Video USB backup guide for Windows 10

This short video covers simple and easy Video USB backup for Windows 10 users. We always recommend making at least two backups with one copy kept in a different location if possible. We show you how to make a backup copy from one USB to another, or from a USB stick to your computer hard… Read More »