Guide – Transfer video to Blu-ray

Can I have my home videos copied to Blu-ray disc?

The short answer is: Yes, you can have any home video transferred to Blu-ray disc. These can be played back on compatible Blu-ray players including the Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 (PS4 needs sw version 1.5 or above and have the Blu-Ray playback option activated).

Upscaling from standard definition to HD

All Blu-ray players and many DVD players can upscale standard definition (SD) video footage from ordinary DVDs to high definition (HD).

We can copy your SD home videos to DVD or Blu-ray “as-is” in SD quality or we can upscale the footage to HD before writing it to Blu-ray. A broadcast grade conversion from SD to HD with noise reduction and colour correction ensures the best quality upscaling. However, unless you do a side-by-side comparison there might be very little noticeable difference to the average viewer in picture or sound quality between the conversion options provided the original footage was quite good to start with and your Blu-ray player and television are set-up correctly.

What if I my home videos are already HD?

If your home videos were originally recorded in high definition, either on HDV tape, memory card or hard drive then we can transfer the footage in HD quality onto Blu-ray disc. You’ll enjoy your HD videos in the best possible quality.

When does Blu-ray make sense for standard definition home video?

There are benefits to having your standard definition home videos copied to Blu-ray disc instead of DVD. A normal single-layer Blu-ray disc can hold around 10 hours of good quality standard definition footage compared to just 2 hours on a single layer DVD disc. Some Blu-ray recordable discs (the more expensive types) are more robust than recordable DVDs. The specification for Blu-ray discs includes scratch resistance as standard – although this is also a feature on some higher quality DVD-R discs.

Should I pay extra for upscaling from SD to HD on a Blu-ray disc?

If you have a special recording or just want to preserve your home videos in the best quality available today then you should consider it. The quality of the picture will be better, especially if the picture is manually corrected with noise reduction applied.

More help and advice about video to Blu-ray

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