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Manchester Video transfer home videos to DVD. Our prices are reasonable with no hidden extras and we do a very good job. We do all the main camcorder formats such as Hi8 and MiniDV plus older formats including VHS and Betamax.

F.A.Q. How can I watch my old video tapes?

Question from Frank, “I have some VHS 180 video tapes of my children when they were young. I want to show the videos to my grandchildren but do not have a video player. Can you help me and what would you recommend?” In this video we explain the options for digital conversion of old video… Read More »

Tech Post – What are IFO files, VOB sets and VIDEO_TS?

DVD Video discs usually contain a couple of folders and several files with cryptic sounding names like Video_TS.IFO or VTS01_0.VOB. This combination of folders and files makes what’s commonly known as a VOB set. DVD players (hardware or software) need almost all of the files to be able to read and play a DVD Video… Read More »

MP4 Video on USB – Why some files don’t fit when there’s plenty of space

Video USB sticks are really useful but sometimes you will see an error message stating the video file you are trying to copy is too large for the destination when there is plenty of room. It’s a common problem with a simple solutions. Almost all USB memory sticks arrive formatted and ready use in any… Read More »

Old camcorder video tapes – storage and preservation

In this article we will explain what to and what not to do when you find old camcorder video tapes including full size VHS and Betamax tapes which were used in some large camcorders but also used for viewing copies. 3M once ran a advertising campaign for their Scotch branded video tapes. The adverts featured… Read More »

F.A.Q. Video to USB – Can I copy or edit my files?

DVDs were never intended to be edited and to do so required some specialist software to get the footage from the disc to a computer in a suitable format for editing. Backing up DVDs was also a little tricky if you didn’t have the right software. The USB sticks we make for most video transfers… Read More »