DVD, Blu-ray disc & CD Duplication

Printed DVD with cases and inserts

Duplication and printing

We offer a quick and reliable duplication and printing service for runs of up to 500 discs in-house (see packaging options below). We provide help and advice at every stage of the job. The blank media we use are produced by leading brands including Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden and Maxell – they are not cheap, in fact they’re quite expensive – but you don’t get any returns. We supply decent cases too – they won’t fall apart and don’t have nasty sharp edges.

We can duplicate from a master disc or you can send us an ISO file.

Encoding and authoring

Blu-ray and DVD authoring and encoding service available. We are very experienced at preparing submissions for international film festivals and can handle all standards conversion, menu functions – just send us a copy of the submission rules and we’ll make sure that your discs are compliant.

Packaging options

For all SHORT RUN duplication orders completed in-house we only stock disc wallets, clear clamshell or DVD cases. Any other packaging options need to be planned and organised by yourself. We print discs with colour text and logos. We don’t do full-face disc photographic printing and we don’t do paper inserts etc.

Replication orders (over 500 units) are completed at a pressing facility. You must provide all master discs and artwork. These can have full colour, full-face printing, any type of packaging including printed card wallets, 3 piece jewel cases with booklets etc. There is a 12 working day lead time for replication orders.

In-house service

Our in-house duplication & disc printing capacity is:-

  • CD 700MB – up to 500 discs per day
  • DVD 4.3GB – up to 500 discs per day
  • Dual-layer DVD 8.5GB – up to 200 discs per day
  • Blu-ray disc 25GB – up to 100 discs per day
  • Blu-ray disc 50GB – up to 50 discs per day

Replication is the most cost effective option for larger orders of 500 discs or more. The discs are pressed, printed and packaged in a factory. The lead-time for disc replication is 12 working days.

Short runs are no problem – we don’t charge a set-up fee if your master disc and artwork is already prepared.

Artwork design

Duplicated discs are inkjet printed in-house and therefore best suited for text and logos. Use RGB JPEG images. Duplication artwork (on disc print) should be prepared for a standard 12cm disc with a 19mm hub with bleed. We can set out text and logos with proofing via email at additional cost.

Replicated discs and packaging can have full colour, full-face on-body print and will be subject to validation and proofing. All artwork should be fully prepared using PDF templates (available on request).

Disc duplication costs

We will be pleased to prepare a formal quotation. Our prices vary depending on exactly what options you need. Below is a sample price based on making a master DVD file with 30 duplicates – correct March 2016.

Prepare and author a DVD from a supplied video file – simple disc auto start, automated chapters.
Supply 30 DVD-R inkjet printed plain text plus a spot colour logo (5% coverage) in clear clamshell cases.
Authoring fee £25.00
Discs £120.00 (30 x £4.00)
UK Delivery £10.00
Total £155.00 example price only – please contact us for a proper quote.

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