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We have over ten years experience in preparing video evidence and reports for Court. Our specialist forensic video services are available directly to the legal profession, insurance industry, UK Government agencies, some of the UK’s largest retailers and security providers. Please note – CPS (Criminal Law) cases – we are not an ISO17025 accredited facility.

Important company policy – We will NOT accept instruction from the general public for this service under any circumstances. This is strictly enforced with no exceptions.

The evidence we produce is used in many different types of legal case including crime investigation, personal injury and motor offences. The increase in the use of video evidence, particularly from CCTV cameras is such that we are now called upon to assist in the preparation and presentation of evidence to be used in training and other non-legal investigation work. This work still needs to be conducted within the law.

We process video evidence from any type of recording device including CCTV hard drive recorders, mobile phones, covert video recorders and all video cameras. Most CCTV systems are now digital but we can still work with older analogue time-lapse tapes.

Crystal Clear Evidence Processing

Crop of CCTV screen

Many CCTV exhibits such as DVR discs are designed to be tamper proof. What this means is that the evidence is intended to be played back using only a prescribed, bespoke software player, usually on a Windows computer. This is a helpful feature which in some instances can verify that recordings are authentic. However, the software players are not always user friendly or compatible with modern operating systems or corporate network policies.

DVR discs are notoriously difficult to navigate. It’s often hard to locate a certain part of the footage, play that section back from a specific camera repeatedly or play it at a reduced speed.

We make precise copies of digital video evidence with options to allow the viewer to select the desired playback speed including frame-by-frame playback to allow detail viewing and analysis of any incident.

GDPR Compliance Disclosures

General Data Protection Regulation becomes enforceable from 25th May 2018. It is vital that evidence you disclose such as a subject access request (SAR) is fully compliant with GDPR legislation. With tougher legislation it’s more important than ever that your organisation is not found in breach of the law. We guarantee that the video and audio evidence disclosures we process will ensure that your organisation is fully compliant.

Reliable Compilations for Court

Our compilation exhibits bring together evidence from multiple video, audio and photographic sources. These exhibits save valuable time in Court allowing the exact piece of evidence to be selected and shown on demand. It’s possible to prepare footage from different angles and even from different CCTV systems running side-by-side to show the Court what happened from multiple viewpoints or locations.

Redaction of Surveillance Video and Audio

Protecting the identity of 3rd parties and/or minors is required for disclosure of retail, insurance and disciplinary cases. In many cases pixelation or blurring of faces is sufficient. However there may be a requirement to blank out sections of footage completely to protect innocent parties.

Some exhibits such as a charge desk in a police station include audio. Muting personal information such as telephone numbers, names or addresses ensures that defendants, witnesses or third parties are not compromised.

Redacted evidence should normally be delivered in a password protected, encrypted file format. In some cases non-encrypted evidence such as DVD Video may be requested. There are GDPR compliant procedures in place to accommodate non-encrypted disclosures.

CCTV & Video Evidence Services

  • Enhance CCTV and all video evidence
  • Decode VHS multiplexed, time-lapse CCTV
  • Slow down fast moving incidents to frame-by-frame speed
  • Add moving markers to persons of interest
  • Masking out or pixelation of innocent persons
  • Investigation, discovery & recovery of video evidence
  • Still frame extraction with or without annotations
  • Duplication, compilations & Court room presentations
  • Basic audio enhancement – hiss & noise reduction
  • GDPR CCTV Disclosures for Subject Access Requests

Encryption of Exhibits and Work in Progress

All work in progress is stored on hardware encrypted devices. Non-encrypted source exhibits arriving at our facility are immediately transferred to an encrypted platform and then handed directly back. If this is not possible then any non-encrypted exhibits are stored in a locked safe.

Exhibits we supply are encrypted by default. This can cause some workflow issues however, it is fast becoming the norm as encryption is adopted throughout all evidence aware workplaces.

We are happy to liaise with our clients about data security.

Prior Authority and Witness Statements

We prepare detailed quotations for all prior authority work with a full breakdown for the LSC. All our work is supported by robust, detailed and factual reports in the form of a s.9 witness statement.

In our capacity as an Expert Witness we will attend Court to show exhibits, provide technical explanations and answer questions about any aspect of evidence we have produced.

Important information about video forensics

We are not an ISO17025 facility. This service is available to entities operating within and for cases being heard within the jurisdiction of England and Wales only. We do not provide opinions in our reports. Nor do we offer facial mapping, image interpretation or advanced audio enhancement. However, we can put you in touch with other experts who specialise in those areas.

All instructions MUST be provided formally in writing and costs fully agreed before any work can proceed.

ICO data protection legislation and guidelines for all evidential work must be observed. Our Data Protection Policy (DPP) sets out our internal data handling standards and procedures. Instructing parties must agree to our DPP prior to any work taking place.

We do not offer free initial assessments.

Manchester Video Limited company policy specifically regarding video and audio evidence. The services described on this page are not available to the general public. There are no exceptions.

For more info call Gavin Gration on 0800 228 9422. Click here to contact us.

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