Legal Funding and Authority

Video Forensics – Prior Authority

Important update September 2017 – We are not ISO17025 accredited. All our statements will specifically outline that we are not an ISO17025 service provider.

We provide full and detailed quotations for all forensic video services. Funding for all legal services work (video forensics) must be agreed in advance of any work being carried out.

Publicly funded cases (LSC) must have prior authority for all work over £100.00

We will issue a 30 day invoice to the instructing solicitor (or solicitors in joint instruction cases) on completion of our report.

Court Attendance – Payments

Where possible funding for Court attendances should be agreed in advance.

If we are called to attend at short notice an agreement must be put in place with the Court for funding to cover our time and reasonable expenses. We will NOT attend Court unless we have agreement that we will be paid in full.

We will issue a 30 day invoice directly to the Court unless another arrangement is in place.

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