Live Streaming – Local News – Facebook

High quality, live video feeds are now possible from any location with an internet connection. The feeds can be broadcast globally via Social Media. Live streaming is transforming the way news and entertainment are delivered and consumed.

The benefits of our live streaming service are:

  • Rapid deployment to any location with an Internet connection (4G or WiFi/wired)
  • Compact, self contained & self powered Internet broadcasting kit
  • Single operator with minimal equipment
  • Titles, logos, photos and pre-recorded inserts during live stream
  • Instantly broadcast live to Facebook or YouTube with no back-end office or admin staff required
  • Archive of the recording remains on server with full backup on location
  • High social media reach at a low cost

Live video delivers huge advantages for Facebook marketing

Screenshot from Stalybridge Town Facebook page

Facebook Page administrators know that as the platform has evolved it’s become more and more difficult to reach users in high numbers, even if your Page has tens of thousands of likes. Paid promotion does guarantee more reach to new and existing fans of your Page. Currently Facebook are promoting live video directly into users news feeds much more prominently than any other type of content. Businesses and other organisations can reach significantly more eyeballs without paid post fees saving you money.

Making live video part of your marketing strategy should be a priority. As with any campaign you need to be very careful about the quality of your content. If it’s not very good, either in terms of subject matter or production quality then people with quickly switch off and be left with a negative impression – worse still they could make negative comments alongside your content potentiallyu damaging your brand further.

Facebook Live Video is a powerful tool for:

  • Product launches and demonstrations
  • Business, charity and social events
  • Religious services and events
  • Sporting events
  • News & PR

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