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What is Live Work Invest Tameside?

Live Work Invest Tameside (formerly Tameside Business Family) is an exciting new concept that involves local businesses and residents. Residents can find out about local events and job opportunities. Businesses can participate in the development and co-ordination of business support services in Tameside, encouraging them to grow and prosper, to learn from each other and to work towards a much more enterprising business community.”  more info here

The LWI web portal offers a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to promote themselves online with a free mini-website and a mini-blog which is very easy to use.

Click here to find Manchester Video Limited’s mini-site.

Internet search engines cannot always be relied upon for good quality local search results. Visitors to the LWI portal can easily find full contact details and read detailed information about businesses in the Tameside area when searching for products and services.

LWI Events & Networking

Developing your own knowledge and skills is one of the best investments you can make in business. LWI host regular networking events plus FREE seminars and workshops on a wide range of subjects to aid business development.

Our Experience

Every Tameside Business Family event we attended was a positive and rewarding experience. We hope that LWI can replicate this. We made new contacts with other local companies who we didn’t know existed and vice-versa. The Tameside Enterprise Team have always been supportive and helpful in providing information and advice when we needed it.

Customers often mention the Tameside Business Family when calling in and we see regular visitors to our website via links directly from the site.

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