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Live Streaming Conferences to Multiple Online Platforms

This weekend we’re broadcasting live video from a Christian conference to 5 different streaming destinations. The live feed goes to 1 YouTube channel, 3 Facebook Pages with another sent to Vimeo Live. The Vimeo Live feed is also embedded in the client’s website. Multicasting to different platforms can be a key element to reaching more… Read More »

Integrating legacy video content into HD productions

Betacam SP (BetaSP) was launched by Sony in 1986. It became the dominant acquisition and post production format in large areas of broadcast television and corporate video production. If you’re working on a project today which includes footage from the last three decades there’s a good chance it may have been shot or edited on… Read More »

Web series produced for The University of Manchester

Sustainable Consumption Institute Films Last year we covered the Manchester launch of the SCI’s What’s Cooking report. Earlier this year we returned to the University of Manchester to make a series of online videos for the Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI). Each SCI video features a different expert speaking about their specialist area of research. The… Read More »