Professional Video Transfers

We have been providing our home video conversion service for over 15 years and continue to deliver a reliable, high quality transfer service to put your home videos onto USB or DVD with minimum hassle. Your family tapes and/or memory cards will be handled with care and attention throughout. You can send your videos to us by post or drop them off at our premises by appointment. Our telephone number is 0800 228 9422 (free from any UK landline or mobile). Full order information and pricing is shown further down this page.

The tapes (or memory cards) that you send to us can be in any of the following formats:

  • Betamax (PAL only)
  • Hi8 incl. Video 8 & Digital 8 (PAL or NTSC)
  • MiniDV and MicroMV (PAL or NTSC)
  • HDV (PAL or NTSC)
  • SD CARD, USB, Hard Drive Camcorders (PAL or NTSC)
  • Optional conversion to various editing formats, iPhone, iPad or YouTube
  • Transfers to HD Blu-ray Disc
  • MP4 option for SmartTV, Tablets and Computer playback
  • Digital Downloads

Please see here for Betacam SP, U-Matic and DVCAM transfers.

Your original videos are returned to you together with the DVD or MP4 copies. Basic PAL, SECAM and NTSC standards conversion of foreign tapes is included at no extra cost.

Click to download our video conversion order form and price list

Video conversion to digital files for Smart TV

Most new televisions are Smart TVs and can play video files from a USB stick. MP4 files are compatible for viewing on most Smart TVs and portable devices but there are a few different options available such as .AVI or .MOV depending on what you would like to do with the footage. For example if you want to edit the footage then you will need to let us know what editing software you have so we can make the correct files.

What it costs

We charge on a per-tape basis. The two video conversion price levels are for up to 2hrs or up to 4hrs. If you’re not sure how long your tapes are we can work it out and let you know before going ahead. Payment is not due until the work is completed and we’re ready to send your order. We accept all cards, bank transfer or cheque with order.

Video conversion service for any tape up to 2hrs

Any single tape up to 2hrs to DVD-R £11.99 +1 FREE EXTRA DVD COPY with every transfer.
Any single tape up to 2hrs to MP4 file £11.99
Any single tape up to 2hrs to both DVD and MP4 £17.99

Longer video conversion service for any tape up to 4hrs

3hr or 4hr tapes will need two discs £19.99 +FREE EXTRA DVD COPY with every transfer.
Any single tape more than 2hrs up to 4hrs to MP4 file £19.99
Any single tape more than 2hrs up to 4hrs to both DVD and MP4 file £27.99

USB and download options

MP4 files can be supplied on a Smart TV compatible USB stick (prices from around £6.00) – you can provide your own USB stick if preferred. We can also make the file available to download.

Discounts are available for orders of 5 tapes or more – just contact us for full details.

If you have several short tapes we can make a compilation DVD.

Why we give you a FREE extra copy with every DVD transfer

You may be wondering why we supply an extra DVD copy with every transfer. If handled properly you should expect a DVD to last for many years. However, there is no guarantee that a disc won’t fail or be damaged. A back-up copy is the best way to ensure that your videos are not lost forever.

Blu-ray HD upscaling from SD tape

We offer this service on a quotation only basis. Your Blu-ray player will upscale SD DVDs to HD and it will usually do a good job. If you prefer to have your standard definition videos upscaled to HD via our Teranex broadcast standard converter then please contact us.

Delivery & additional copies

UK mainland delivery up to 750g costs £4.00 for the first tape.
For multiple tapes or HDD camcorders etc please ask for a quotation.

Duplicate copy of DVD-R discs cost £4.00 each

How to order:

Visitors are very welcome to call into our office but we ask that you phone in advance and make an appointment to ensure that we’re available when you visit. Note – if the office phone isn’t answered it’s because we’re filming – we don’t turn them off for any other reason. Click the link below to download a printable PDF order form.

By post: Send your tapes to us. Please remember to enclose your contact details.

Manchester Video Limited
B1(i) Copley Mill
Huddersfield Road
SK15 2QF                Telephone: 0800 228 9422


We accept payment by cheque or bank transfer.
Cheques are payable (with order) to Manchester Video Limited.
Payment via bank transfer is due on completion of the work prior to dispatch.
You may also pay via PayPal (will will send you a Formal Invoice which can be paid online via PayPal).

Terms and conditions of our video conversion service

If you post your tapes to us then we will retain a back-up copy of the files on completion of the order for at least two weeks or until we receive confirmation of safe and satisfactory receipt of your order – whichever is soonest. The back-up copies will then be deleted.

We aim for a seven to ten working day turnaround time for most orders. However, larger orders and during busy periods or holidays it may take longer. If your order is time sensitive then please discuss this with us before going ahead.

Your video footage will be not be viewed by anyone other than our own staff. Your original footage will be returned to you on completion of the order. We will make every effort to look after your videos whilst they are in our care. However, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.

This service is for home videos only. We cannot copy commercial videos to DVD without formal permission from the copyright holder. We will not copy any adult or other inappropriate material. If we have to return any material deemed unsuitable for copying then we reserve the right to charge an administration fee.

Disc Compatibility – The discs we produce use recordable DVD media. These discs are intended for playback in compatible DVD Players. Some older DVD players may not play all types of recordable discs. Please check your player is compatible with recordable discs before ordering. If you want to play recordable DVD media in a computer please check that your computer has compatible DVD playback software. We recommend VLC Media player for either Windows or Mac – it’s free and works perfectly with all our discs. If you are uncertain about compatibility or have a specific question or requirement then please feel free to contact us before placing your order.

MP4 Compatibility – Sample files are available on request to check the files we make will be suitable for your intended player. The files are intended for playback on most computers (VLC works perfectly on Mac, Windows and Linux), Smart TVs and mobile devices. If you wish to edit your files then you will need to let us know in advance as some editing software may need a different file type.

Read more in our privacy policy.

3 thoughts on “Professional Video Transfers

  1. Jo Tomlin

    Fantastic service!!! They managed to rectify some very nearly long lost family memories. Will be using them again for the rest of my tapes for sure. Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Hassan

    I’m all the way from Bahrain. Manchester videos made my dream come true where it converted my VHS tapes library to high quality DVD’s and helped me to get rid of the annoying background noise on them

  3. Jeff read

    I am delighted with Manchester Video. I had been thinking for years of trying to convert 25 year old tapes taken on my Sony camcorder (long since broken) to DVD.

    I came across Manchester Video on Internet who did the job efficiently and in a most cooperative way. The results of being able to see again your children, parents, family and friends as they were all those years ago is extraordinary and moving.

    Gavin, many thanks, you do a great job.


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